Complete Cleanings

A personalized approach to creating the perfect smile.

Dental Boost Hialeah provides professional dental cleaning services for patients and we recommend that you get your teeth cleaned here in our Haileah, FL office at least twice a year.

Even if you give your teeth the utmost care through regular brushing and flossing, professional cleaning is still needed to ensure proper oral health. Also known as oral prophylaxis, cleanings are needed due to the following reasons:

  • Professional cleaning will remove the plaque and tartar build in your teeth which can’t be eliminated with mere brushing and flossing. The build-up of tartar can potentially cause dental problems if not removed properly.
  • During the procedure, our dental hygienist can use additional preventive measures such as fluoride application, cleaning and adjustment of dentures and braces, and teeth polishing. If you have fillings and crowns, these are polished and cleaned as well.
  • As part of our routine cleaning procedure, we also check the condition of your teeth, gums, jaw and mouth.

All of the aforementioned procedures could only be done by a dentist and this is why oral prophylaxis is imperative at least twice a year. Prevention is always better than cure, and if you go for cleanings regularly, your oral hygiene will be maintained well.

What to expect

Oral prophylaxis is a routine procedure so you can even schedule it during your lunch break. It’s also important to note that if you have taken care of your teeth well and you regularly brush and floss, then you will hardly feel any discomfort during and after the procedure. However, if your teeth are particularly sensitive, then you might feel some discomfort during the procedure, particularly when there’s a lot of tartar and cavity build-up. Cleaning your teeth may also take longer if you haven’t visited your dentist for a long time. Some dentists administer an anesthetic to numb your teeth and minimize discomfort during the entire procedure.

Visit our office to get professional dental cleanings not just for yourself but for the entire family. Simply call us at (305) 822-4607 to schedule an appointment. We will make the entire procedure comfortable and pain-free so you have nothing to worry about.

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