Tooth Extractions

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Dental Boost Hialeah tooth extraction and it is one of the most common dental treatments we provide in our Hialeah, FL office. There are many reasons why it becomes necessary:

  • When a tooth is damaged beyond repair
    Whether from trauma or cavities, when a tooth is too damaged and there is no chance of repair then it needs to be extracted to prevent it from damaging your other healthier teeth. Sometimes, an extraction is also needed because the damage may have extended already to the pulp of the teeth where the nerves and blood vessels are located. Not extracting in time will allow bacteria to enter the mouth through the pulp, which leads to infections and further complications.
  • When your mouth is too crowded
    There are cases when your teeth are too big and too many, causing the teeth to push against each other and over time, their shape and alignment to be adversely affected. This is when orthodontics or the need for braces come in, and most dentists extract teeth to leave some room for movement.
  • When your wisdom teeth are impacted
    Even if your teeth are not damaged, sometimes your dentist will recommend extraction, especially if your wisdom teeth are impacted. If your third molars (wisdom teeth) are impacted and are growing or coming out at an angle that affects the alignment of your other teeth, then the dentist will need to extract it before it leads to further complications like inflammation and bone resorption.

Although it might sound scary for some, a tooth extraction is actually a routine procedure and most people will probably go through it at least once in their lives. Our dentist will apply an anesthetic to make the procedure painless. Depending on your condition, some extractions will require the dentist to place a few self-dissolving stitches just to close the gap surrounding the extraction site.

Once the anesthetic wears off, it is common to feel a dull and throbbing pain in the extraction site. If the pain is unbearable, some dentists may prescribe painkillers and even antibiotics. Applying an ice bag over the area that’s affected will also help reduce inflammation and swelling, but of course it is also imperative that you rest well and avoid activities that can prevent healing (e.g. smoking, eating solid food).

If you feel pain in your teeth and gums, or if you have a badly decayed teeth, please call (305) 822-4607 to schedule a visit so we can check and provide the appropriate treatment.

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